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Dicte transforms how you conduct and manage meetings.

Using advanced AI technology, Dicte creates automatic reports and minutes based on recorded meetings or personal voice notes.

Dicte offers seamless recording, transcription, and processing of meeting discussions, making every meeting more productive and accessible.

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AI-Powered Transcription for Clear, Contextual Conversations

Dicte offers advanced AI-powered transcription with speaker identification, ensuring clarity and context in every conversation. Say goodbye to manual note-taking and focus on engaging in productive discussions.


Dicte's AI-powered transcription accurately captures and transcribes meeting discussions with speaker identification.


With Dicte, you can easily understand the context of your meeting conversations for better decision-making.

Transform Transcripts into Professional Meeting Minutes with AI-Driven Skills

Meeting Minutes

Convert transcripts into professional
two-pager meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes

Convert Transcripts into professional
detailed meeting minutes


Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
from meeting discussions

Project Pilotage

Your meeting transcript is analyzed by an AI Consultant
to provide hidden signals and reccomendations

Global Collaboration with Multilingual Support

Dicte empowers you to break language barriers and communicate seamlessly with international colleagues. Generate accurate meeting transcripts in multiple languages, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

One-Tap Recording for Effortless Note-Taking

With Dicte's One-Tap Meeting Record feature, you can easily capture every word spoken in your meetings.

Effortlessly record meetings with a single tap on your device.

Never miss important details with Dicte's seamless recording feature.

Transform your note-taking experience with Dicte's intuitive recording feature.

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A meeting room - AI Generated

Upgrade Your Meetings with Dicte

Dicte revolutionizes the way you conduct and manage meetings. With advanced AI technology, Dicte offers seamless recording, transcription, and automated processing of meeting discussions, making every meeting more productive and accessible.

Increase Efficiency with AI-Powered Transcription and Speakers Identification

Enhance Collaboration with AI Processing Tools

Ensure Data Privacy with Offline Operation


AI Agents
for Your Meetings

Engage with the meetings' dedicated Conversational AI Agent to review and clarify meeting transcripts. Available in multiple languages for a personalized experience.

Meeting AI Agent - AI generated

Customer testimonials

See what our customers are saying about Dicte:

Dicte AI is a must!
Very good meeting summaries, accurate discussion reports and very effective capture of the key points discussed.

Sylvie A.

Executive Director - Community Lead - Business Development - Business Analyst - Negotiation - Cost Control, San Diego, USA

Such a user-friendly tool – a smartphone connected to the internet is all it takes - should delight many business leaders and executives. Indeed, with Dicte.AI, at the start of a meeting, we can now escape the eternal "Okay, who's taking the notes for the report today?". Today, it's Dicte.AI. With this application, everyone present can focus on one thing only: the purpose of the meeting. Period!

Thierry B.

Writer, Journalist

An indispensable tool for companies in search of time!

Aurélien F.

CEO & COO A.F. Genese

A very useful App!!!
Thanks 🙏🏻

Hubert C.


I searched for weeks without finding what I wanted. I'm totally sold 👍

Hugo P.

CEO, C4C, France


Keep Your Data Safe with Dicte's Security Features

Dicte prioritizes your data privacy with open-source and/or European AI models and offline operation for enterprise plans.

Unbiased AI

Benefit from open-source and EU AI models that ensure fairness and accuracy.

Offline Operation

Ensure data privacy with our Offline AI Edge Computing Unit for "enterprise" plans.

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Find answers to common questions about transcription accuracy, language support,  editing transcripts, and the AI processing tools

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How does Dicte work?

Dicte utilizes advanced AI technology to record, transcribe, and process meeting discussions. With one-tap meeting record, speech recognition, speaker identification, and customizable AI-processing tools, Dicte makes meetings more productive and accessible.

How accurate is the transcription?

Dicte utilizes advanced AI-powered speech recognition technology to provide accurate transcriptions with speaker identification. However, the accuracy may vary depending on the audio quality and the speakers' clarity.

Can I edit the transcripts?

Yes, you can edit the transcripts generated by Dicte. Our user-friendly interface allows you to make corrections and modifications as needed to ensure the accuracy of the final transcript.

How do I correct a transcript?

To correct a transcript, simply access the transcript in the Dicte app and make the necessary edits. Your changes will be saved automatically, and the updated version will be available for download or sharing.

What are SKILLs?

SKILLs are customizable AI-processing tools offered by Dicte. They include meeting minutes generation, mind map creation, SWOT analysis, and an expandable toolset for diverse meeting needs.

How do I use the meeting minutes generation skill?

To use the meeting minutes generation skill, select the transcript you want to convert into meeting minutes and choose the 'Generate Minutes' option. The AI-powered skill will analyze the transcript and generate professional meeting minutes to review and share.

How does SWOT analysis work?

The AI-powered SWOT analysis skill lets you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from your meeting discussions. Select the transcript you want to analyze and choose the 'SWOT Analysis' option. The skill will analyze the content and provide valuable insights to inform your decision-making.

What other AI tools are available?

We offer a growing library of AI tools and skills for diverse meeting needs and business verticals. Our expandable toolset allows you to leverage advanced AI technology to enhance your meeting experience. Stay tuned for new additions and updates!

Is Dicte secure?

Dicte prioritizes data privacy and confidentiality. It utilizes open-source or European AI models and offers an Offline AI Edge Computing Unit for secure, offline operation in the Enterprise Plan.

What languages does Dicte support?

Dicte supports multiple languages, including but not limited to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. We are continuously expanding our language support to cater to the needs of our diverse user base.

How can I sign up?

To sign up for Dicte and experience the future of meetings, visit our website and follow the registration process. Join the revolution in meeting management today!

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